Things to do in São Paulo

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What are some things to do in São Paulo?

As the biggest city in Brazil and South America as a whole, São Paulo is a home to over seventeen million individuals. The wave of immigration in São Paulo brought a mixture of cuisines and cultures which are reflected in the many restaurants, theaters, and opera companies in this beautiful city. Known as the city of the wealthy elites in South America, São Paulo has countless hip hangouts, museums and the night-life here is the whole night so if you are looking for things-to-do in São Paulo, then please read on.

Serra da Cantareira

Located about thirty minutes from the city-center, Serra Cantareira is a historical region for fresh water which is stored in the natural caverns or cantaros. This fresh water used to refresh the earlier visitors to this place thus the main reason why it gained its protection in 1993, as the patrimony-of-humanity. This place is a home for some of the rain-forest in Atlantic with trails to the Pedra Grande where you can enjoy a breath-taking view of São Paulo.

Ibirapuera Park

This is one of the most beautiful parks in Brazil which is equipped with fountains, planetarium, beautiful lakes and bicycle paths. This park has the Museu-de-Arte-Moderne site-of-the-Bienal and the Pavilhao-da-Oca, which hosted various shows that came to this city. This park was built in 1954 to celebrate the city’s four hundredth anniversary. It was designed by Roberto Marx, a renowned land scape architect and some of the landmark buildings on the park were designed by Oscar Niemeyer, a modernist master, who linked these buildings using a serpentine covered walk-way.

A Lake in Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo

Parquet zoologico

Located on 82 hectares of the States reserves of the coastal rainforest, this zoo was founded in 1957. This zoo is a home to over 366 species and if you love birds and reptiles, then is zoo is a place worth visiting.

Museum of football (soccer)

Located on the grounds of Pacaembu stadium, this museum has various thrilling interactive football (soccer) exhibitions. This museum showcases the history of this beautiful game which is loved by many people on the globe. This museum’s beautiful displays and photographs are quite enlightening and engrossing for both the young and the old.


The ever growing global success of the São Paulo fashion-week has made this city a great place for shoppers. São Paulo has various fantastic shops with the glamorous shops around Rua Oscar Fiere and a block from the Fasano-hotel. These shops are stocked with various trendy designs by some of the best designers on the globe.

Night life

For the night life lovers this city has everything you need to have fun while on holiday. São Paulo is the home for various clubs from jazz clubs, dance clubs, disco clubs and comedy clubs with love city being one of the most established clubs in this Brazilian city.

Mecardo municipality

This is a unique market for dried goods and fresh produce produced in São Paulo. This is actually the best place where you can sample Sampa delights like the mortadella sandwiches & pasteis and pockets of doughs stuffed-with-meat among other delights. And on Sundays you can enjoy some live music played by the locals inside the market.

Even though for many visitors, the city of São Paulo is a huge concrete jungle, the largest city in Brazil has a lot to offer and is a must-see stop on your trip to Brazil.

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