Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

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Visiting the beaches of Rio

The seaside view is probably the first thing that strikes the mind when somebody asks about Rio de Janeiro. Some of the most spectacular beaches of the world are present there and the mesmerizing combination of sea, sun and the sky coupled with sexy bikinis makes Rio a perfect spot for holiday getaway. With more than 50 miles of beach shoreline and over 12 beaches to explore, you would never regret your decision of vacationing at a place like this.

Arpoador Beach

Arpoador Beach is one of the most popular alternates in the country and a number of different reasons support the same. Apart from the attention grabbing natural beauty, the beach provides a perfect point for surfing enthusiasts to ride the waves and horn their skills. The surfboards can be rented and if you do not have any experience of the same, there are experts to guide you through. Sunset and sunrise provides an impressive view and most tourists are present at the beach during these times. You would find a number of young couples, families and groups of young kids enjoying the beauty of nature.

Barra Da Tijuca Beach

A perfect place for those who hates crowd, Barra Da Tijuca Beach stretches over 12 km in length. Riding the waves and kite surfing is common and a number of national and international championships are held here. There are a few surfing schools as well and you can learn the art without putting too much pressure on your pocket.

Abrico Beach

Probably one of the most interesting beaches of the city, Abrico is famous for couple of reasons. Firstly, it is one of the few beaches that have not been affected by the developments. Secondly, the beach acquired the nudist status in 2003; and is the place for those who like to swim and sunbathe in the nude. White sand and blue waters provide a view that stays in the mind for years to come. City guards and police patrol the beach regularly and so you need not worry about the safety as well. Bars, seafood and sandwiches are easily available and sparking bugs and giant white egrets adds to the natural beauty.

Botafogo Beach

Botafogo beach attracts those who do not like the idea of leaving sand and diving in the water. The area is small as compared to other beaches; however, there are attractions not found at other alternatives. There is a bicycle path for those who love to ride. Sugarloaf Mountain, Guanabara Bay and Christ the Redeemer provides some of the most beautiful pictures. Since the water is a little calmer, people prefer sailing to swimming.

Brazil Copacabana Beach

The beach has something in store for everyone and there in no way one can be bored. There are parties round the clock and some activities to consider include volleyball, soccer, swimming and sunbathing among others. A number of vendors are present and fruit drinks, beers, sandwiches and snacks are never far away. You can even shop for t-shirts, towels and bracelets among others right at the beach. Read more about the things to do in Copacabana.

Some of the other poplar beaches in the area include Ipanema beach and Sao Conrado beach to name a few.



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