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Reasons to Visit the Carnival Celebration in Rio

December 8, 2013 Things to do in Brazil  No comments

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro is quite popular and people from all over the world come to enjoy the event and have great fun. In fact, it is probably the most famous attraction in the entire country of Brazil and definitely the most famous of all tourist attractions in Rio. It is a five day event which is usually organized before Easter - that is during the months of February when summers are its peak. This event not only offers lots of entertainment to the people but allows you to get in touch with the new people and spread the message of love. It is also an opportunity for the travelers know more about the culture as well as the traditions of Brazil and get familiar with it. Here are the reasons that carnival in Rio de Janeiro is so famous and well known around the world.

Carnival celebration in Rio de Janeiro An image of the carnival celebration in Rio.

Lots of entertainment

The carnival provides an opportunity for the people to come together, sing, dance and enjoy. Lots of parties are organized during the nights and the people can be a part of such celebrations and enjoy as much as they want. The amount of fun that you will have during the event is incomparable, so entertainment is one of the biggest reasons why people should explore this event and be a part of the celebrations.

Enjoy the Street Bands of Carnival

The carnival gives you a chance to enjoy the street bands of Brazil. Many street bands come and participate in this event so that they are able to show their talent to the people and make their place in everyone’s heart. On the other hand, people get to enjoy some fresh music which adds charm to the event thus leaving the people mesmerized. Cardao do Bola Preta, Suvaco de Cristo, Banda de Ipanema and Banda das Carmelitas are the popular bands which form an important part of the celebration.

Live Carnival Performances

Through this event, you will get to enjoy a marvelous performance of the different groups. Samba is one of the popular dance forms which are followed here, so you will get to see some good dancers who will definitely make you go crazy. The experience of watching them live is quite different and a lifetime opportunity as well. The dancers are highly trained and know how to attract people through their dance moves and excellent performance.

During the carnival, it is a bit difficult to find an accommodation in Rio for yourself so it will be good that you book your accommodation in advance to avoid problems at the last moment.

Hope you enjoy the event!

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