Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

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Looking for Things to do in Rio de Janeiro?

Rio de Janeiro is located on the South Atlantic coast and considered as the 2nd largest city in Brazil. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes, the annual carnival and beach culture. Tourists who choose to spend time in Rio have a wide range of activities to engage in making their stay here an experience to remember. Rio won the bid to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup including the Paralympics and 2016 Summer Olympics. The following are some of the important things to see in Rio de Janeiro:

The Carnival in Rio

This is considered as one of the main reasons for tourists to flock into this city. It is a party that is highly advertised and runs continuously for about two weeks. The party is famous for the samba schools that parade on a gigantic structure known as “sambadrome”. Rio usually has more to offer during Carnival season due to the blocos de rua that parade on the street.

New Year’s Eve celebrations Brazilian Style

The city is famous for hosting the largest and most popular New Year’s Eve celebrations in the country that are quite fascinating to tourists and locals. Usually these celebrations are accompanied by music and huge firework displays that attract more than two million people to the Copacabana beach annually. The customary dress for this event is white for good luck; participants are required to toast the New Year.

Hiking at Parque Lage-Corcovado

This is one of the things to do in Rio de Janeiro that is usually not for the fainthearted. The trail is quite demanding since it is steep and takes about 2 hours to complete however it is very popular with tourists and locals. This trail begins just behind the ruins of an old house where there are two paths. One goes straight ahead leading to a waterfall that is often patronized by families while the other heads to the main hiking path. Most of the trekking is uphill although you may not be able to see much due to thick foliage. After walking for about an hour you will begin to catch some glimpse of the city but if you want to have a better view proceed up to the top.

Grumari Beach

Rio is famous for great beaches and Grumari is among the best of them. Here you will not find beachfront kiosks, luxurious hotels and restaurants. This gives you about 1.5 miles of red and white sand to walk and admire the beauty of Rio de Janeiro. Tourists are usually amazed at the natural beauty and cleanliness of this beach. Although it is tucked away from the bustle of city you will still encounter sun bathers who flock here on weekends.

Bonde de santa Teresa

This cable car is among the interesting things to do in Rio de Janeiro and is the only remaining part of what used to be the main form of transport in the city. You can start in Lapa, go past the cathedral and cross the viaduct to Santa Teresa. From there you have the option of getting off to see the Museu da Chacara do Ceu or taking the ride all the way to the top where you will have the best views of the city and its environs.

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