Nightlife in Rio de Janeiro

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Exciting Nightlife in Rio de Janeiro

The most prominent reason that makes Rio de Janeiro a popular traveler’s hub is the exciting night life that this city has to offer. Only here you get a wide range of bars, discos and other places where people have the possibility to go, drink, dance and basically have a good time while forgetting their own problems and concerns for just a few hours of relaxation. In this article we will offer you a small picture of what the nightlife in Rio is all about.

The locals come together in the neighborhood bar popularly termed as “botequins”. These bars are appreciated for their unique combination of rather messy decor and perfect draft beer coupled with light yet tasty snacks. Of course, Rio is not all about drinking zones; here you get a bunch of well-kept cinema houses. The theaters here offer all the diversity that is needed to satisfy the taste of art lovers.

Rio de Janeiro at night

Rio stages various performances at the famous football stadium Maracana which has welcomed popular names right from the singing band Rolling Stones to the one and only Frank Sinatra. The Municipal Theater hosts endless classical music concerts as well as opera and ballets for those with such refined tastes.

As far as music is concerned, traditional Brazillian themes dominate - choro and samba. The syncopatic music cannot be confused with other genres in the world. However, this samba beats scholarly cousin – choro, may be less familiar. Choro is rooted in the salon dances of the 19th century and later appeared as the original keyboard compositions arranged for guitar, flute, tambourine, and other musical instruments like cavaquinho which is a close relative of ukulele.

Downtown, tourists look for gafieria clubs. “Gafieria” is a term which was coined in the early 1900′s to describe the dance hall of the working-class city. If you actually land up in Rio then a must visit place is the “ensaio” – which literally means exercise, but is actually a party held in most of the samba schools at Rio de Janeiro. Although such schools are located in poor districts but these places are safe for visitors. The easiest to reach is Salgueiro’s Villa Isabel.

Moving further south, the epicenter of fashionable nightlife in Brazil is the old city where the roots have been established many years ago. The main concentration of clubs and bars can be found in the district of Lapa, which is located around the typical “Arcos”. Approximately nearly 40 clubs feature the music of Brazil. Most clubs get customers from all age groups who eclectically party all through the night. In Ipanema, the area around Rua Garcia D’Avilla has many nightclubs and bars serving a variety of demographics. In short Rio has something for every traveler to take back as a fond piece of memory.

Considering all the above mentioned activities, Rio de Janeiro offers a lot to the travelers who are in search of a fun-filled nightlife. Even though Rio is known as a beach town and the beaches in Rio are plentiful, there is also a thriving nightlife that is one of the best in South America.  Rio has a variety of restaurants, bars, clubs, music halls and many other venues that attract groups of people from different walks of life to unite in peace and friendship for absolute fun and frolic.  If you are looking to party into the early morning hours, there is not many places better than Rio.

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