Rio de Janeiro Tourist Attractions

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Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro

The second largest city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is located on the southern shore of Guanabara Bay. One of most mesmerizing destinations in the world, it is always on the list of avid travelling enthusiasts. A number of tourist attractions ensure that there is something in store for everybody and you are likely to find a charm irrespective of the time of your visit. Beaches, carnivals and mountains are some of the well-known tourist attractions that have made the city a famous tourist spot.

Beaches of Rio

The very first thing that comes to the mind when we hear about Brazil is beaches. In fact, the beach is such an important part of the Brazilian culture, that they are in essence one of the major Brazilian Tourist Attractions in the entire country. There are over 12 of them in Rio and each has the capability to keep you hooked all the time. While a few provide a calmer environment for you to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, there are others offering a number of different activities including swimming, surfing and sunbathing among others. Vendors are present in plenty and beers, drinks and seafood are easily accessible. Some of the well known names include Arpoador Beach, Barra Da Tijuca Beach, Abrico Beach, Botafogo Beach, Brazil Copacabana Beach, Ipanema beach and Sao Conrado beach among others.

The Carnival

The four-day long carnival is probably one of the best-known celebrations in the world and people from all areas of the globe travel every year to be a part of it. The center point of the same is Samba Drone; however, celebrations can be seen in every street of the city. Different brands practice and rehearse at different parts of the city and the traditional Samba dance is one thing you cannot afford to miss. The costumes for the same are handmade and can be rented out as well. Other than the main parade, there are small celebrations on every corner and the tourists can be a part of the same.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Also known as Pão de Açúcar, the mountain provides amazing view of entire city. You can either climb the mountain or take a ropeway to the top. Sunset provides the best view and is enjoyed by romantic couples the most.

Parque do Flamengo

The park is home to a number of different activities including cycling, ball courts and hiking tracks among others and is famous among the tourists as well as the locals.

Botanical Gardens

Locally known as the Jardim Botanico, the gardens have developed into one of the most beautiful ones in the country. Planted in the early 19th century, it offers thousands of floral attractions along with cafes. Weekdays are the best times to visit the same, as weekends can be a little crowded. It is spread over an area of 137 hectares. Some of the popular plants include orchids and water lilies.

Statue of Christ Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer statue is located on Mount Corcovado and stands 40 meters in height. Train service is there to reach the spot.

Christ the Redeemer Statue in Corcovado near Rio


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