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Tourist Visa Requirements for Brazil

March 2, 2013 Things to do in Brazil  No comments

If you are planning a vacation or perhaps a business trip to Brazil it is important that you understand the various requirements and documents that you will need to secure prior to your journey.  In this post I'll take a look at the Visa requirement is if you live in the United States and want to travel to Brazil.

Tourist Visa requirements for Brazil listed below:

Copy of a Brazilian Tourist Visa, which are actually stamps placed on the passport.

Brazil does not require tourist entry visas for many countries if the visit does not last more than 90 days.   However, for US citizens a tourist visa (VTUR) is required. Here is what you will need to obtain one:

(1) US issued passport with 6-month validity after staying in Brazil and must have at least a blank page in the passport for an official visa stamp. Residents of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Houston, Texas will need at least two blank pages facing side by side on their passport. Amendment pages are not allowed for visa stamps.

(2) Signed receipt for visa application and one copy thereof. Only visa applications processed online are accepted. For residents of Connecticut, the signed application receipt should be notarized. The visa form is valid only for 30 days so that travel should commence within this period.

(3) Recent 2 x 2 passport photo in color with plain white background. Alternatively, you can upload a scanned or digital passport photo online to the Global Service Order Form when applying.

(4) Proof of departure including a travel agency, airline or cruise ship showing a copy of your tickets or a system-generated itinerary

(5) Medical requirement is needed if you are from Washington D.C. in the form of a certificate of vaccination for yellow fever.

(6) For Chicago residents, a hotel confirmation is needed. If you do not plan to stay in a hotel or cruise ship, a hosting letter is needed from someone residing in Brazil where you will stay. It should be notarized by a local Brazilian notary public and addressed to a consulate in Chicago with the following details about the host: full name, contact information and home address, host ID number if a local citizen or nationality and visa status if a foreigner residing in Brazil, host's relationship with the tourist explaining how they have come to know each other, profession and employer's name, and an explanation behind the trip's purpose. A copy will do fine if the Brazilian notary mark is legible.

(7) Evidence of adequate funds that can support sojourn in Brazil for the following residents:
Atlanta and Chicago, recent bank statement with at least $1,000 balance;
Boston, latest bank statement;
Miami, 3 of the latest bank statements;
New York and Connecticut residents, recent bank statement, payslip, credit card statement or letter from your employer; and Washington DC, latest bank statement when travel calls for entering and departing by land.

(8) For minors below 18 years of ages, a copy of the birth certificate along with a Letter of Consent with signatures of both parents or legal guardian on the birth certificate authenticated by the local Brazilian embassy or consulate, plus the following:

if you are residents of Atlanta and Houston, 2 consent forms along with a couple of passport photos, 2 application forms with signatures of parents or guardians and notarized. Children 3 months to six years will need a polio vaccination certificate;
Boston, consent form and authenticated birth certificate;
Houston, 2 consent forms;
Los Angeles, consent form signed by parents and notarized, plus authenticated birth certificate;
New York, consent form with photo along with Letter of Authorization form; and
NY Connecticut, consent form along with a Letter of Authorization form.

How much does it cost?

That will depend on if you apply in person or via mail.  The last updated fee was USD $140 if you apply in person.  There are companies that will secure one for you for a fee.


Brazilian visas once approved can be issued repeatedly up to 10 years for a maximum of 90 days stay per entry. Processing times depend on the jurisdiction. In New York, for instance, the Brazilian consulate accepts visa application 5-7 days before the date of departure, while it could take 15 days in Chicago or as much as 6 weeks in Miami. While the visa issuance may look tedious, even a week-long vacation in Rio de Janeiro or to any of its landmarks can be well worth the hassle.

The above requirements are subject to change.

It is best to contact the Brazilian Consulate that serves your jurisdiction to make sure the information is still up-to-date.

Here is a listing of Brazilian Consulate Phone Numbers.

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