Brazil Travel Tips

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For a Great Vacation here are some Brazilian Travel Tips

Keeping a few points in mind before visiting any country on vacation is always helpful. Same is the case with Brazil as well. The country is huge one in terms of area, spreads across various latitudes and has different climates across different areas. Here are a few important travel tips for a great vacation in Brazil.

What to wear in Brazil

Brazilians choose their clothing carefully and like spending on the same. Some of the clothes like the costumes for the festive season are handmade, precise and expensive. Choose the same to be a part of the culture and feel the connection. The only point to remember is that green and yellow are the colors of the Brazilian flag and outfits with the combination must be avoided.

Beachwear for Brazil

Brazil is famous for its beachwear. Brazilian males usually wear figure hugging hot pants or Speedos. Beachwear for ladies tends to be brief and g-string biking are the way to go. Nude sunbathing is a rarity. In fact, topless sunbathing is a rarity as well.  One of the common misconceptions about Brazil is that many of the beaches are topless. However, Abrico Beach is the perfect place for you if you are looking for a nude beach.


A rude gesture in the country is the OK sign made using your hand and can really annoy the locals. They will typically use a thumbs-up gesture to indicate agreement.


The locals are friendly with the tourists and men’s shake hands while women kiss, starting from the left cheeks. Males and females shake hands. If you know a few locals, hugs and pats on the back are common.

Plan Well and in Advance

The point is generally true for most vacations; however, gains even more importance when it comes to Brazil. The country is a vast one and if you are planning to view and experience everything within a few weeks than you must plan again. It is important that you figure out what all you want to do and places to visit well in advance. The distance between places can be quite large and you do not want to spend most of the time travelling.


While buses are available on most routes, it is better to opt for alternative means including taxis to ensure a hassle free ride along with some time saving.

Decide between Hotels and Pousada

While you can always find all the luxuries you would ever need in hotels, Brazil offers a great opportunity for you in the form of Pousadas to stay and connect with the locals. They are affordable and cozy and are run by the locals.

Football (aka Soccer)

The game connects the locals in the big way. If you head out wearing a t-shirt of a local club, chances are that the people would try to interact with you and discuss the sport. If you are not into the game, it is better to wear something else. However, once you have befriended the locals, you would again feel that football is the talk of the town on most occasions.

Ways to Stay Connected in Brazil

Social media is a great way in case you want to stay connected with the locals. They do not really follow emails. In addition, Facebook and MySpace are generally unheard of. Orkut and MSN messenger is the way to go in Brazil and you can easily found everybody there.

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